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26 April 2012

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26 January 2012

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5 January 2012

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15 December 2011

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1 December 2011

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24 July 2011

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18 March 2010

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21 January 2010

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31 December 2009

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2 July 2009

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a.m. Birds
6 January 2009

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Fireworks at WORKS
20 December 2008

Recent Comments

Penunggu on SuPRA
Bejual dh nol lama dh. Now gold

nol on SuPRA
Sapa punya kereta ni??jual sudah??

bet365 on PoWERED
Fantastic shot. Great work.

omid on PoWERED
wooow! very nice!

omid on DuRIAN

L'Angevine on DuRIAN
j'aime bien cette composition qui me fait penser à l'assiette de châtaignes que j'avais ...

Curly on DuRIAN
Amazing colour contrasts.

L'Angevine on DaSTAR
c'est jolie

Curly on ScULPTURE
Yeah, so much to see and so much to do!

David on InCEPTION2
Great shot, very atmospheric.

Curly on ScULPTURE
Great shot of the Angel, seems odd when I see your location as Brunei, and this is just down the road from me.

Ralf Kesper on SiMONCELLI saLUTE
Even congratzz from me. Well made sport catch!

Heinz on UmBRELLAs
eine gute Szene.

Gilles on BrIDGE
beautiful graphic bridge. Excellent shot

yvan on BrIDGE
Nice shot and a wonderful collection in your blog!

Benz World on BrIDGE
Well timed shot. The colours balance well. I like it.

© Jean-Bernard Reynier on HaDRAH
Nice image, your compo is very clever.

Curly on HaDRAH
Good singing voices too, I can almost hear them from here.

Siepi on VoRTEX
WAUW! 5*

guillaume on VoRTEX
Great POV !

Gérard Beullac on InCEPTION
Great sobriety, big impact on our eye.

guillaume on InCEPTION
great eye, great compo !! Love it !

Beautiful wide angle shot.

guillaume on DEADtREES
Wonderful ! So poetic shot ! Love this !

Manubhai on DoME
Great night shot...

Curly on DoME
Great night shot, perfect colour temperatures.

Cosmin on DoME
nice night shot

Becky on LoOK AWAY
I love the different expressions - even though they are all looking away - you can see the processing of whatever it is ...

Becky on CaNDLE III
lovely image

Paul on CaNDLE III
Very soft , nice

Zion on MaMA
great moment surprised !

Cosmin on MaMA
nice portret picture, il ike it

Hadi on SLeEP
Excellent B&W work!

mahshid on LaNTERN
nice shot..

HE-s-ART on MotoGP
great shot.

Mici on MotoGP
Nice clear shot

shahrzad on MotoGP

Paul on MotoGP
Great shot

Dana on MotoGP
Fabulous race, but hard to shoot. Few photos can zap the sound and sense of speed of a motorcycle.

Xerophytes on KHaLIFAH
Beautiful! Great portrait!

SupraSonic on KHaLIFAH
Curly his friends called him His Majesty Hassanal Bolkiah

Curly on KHaLIFAH
What do his friends call him then?

Mici on SmILE
How nice, natural smiles, great shot :)

Mici on KHaLIFAH
Nice capture

dideban on LaNTERN
So beautiful colour's. very nice

Xerophytes on LaNTERN
Good shot! nice DOF!

Marcia on DoCKING
Beautiful light you captured!

Will on StREET
great capture of the moment...great urban street shot!

Curly on StREET
I love Edinburgh, this must be up in the old city, a place where thousand sof students mingle with tourists.

✿ Anina ✿ on CeLLO
Great shot!!! I love the POV - it's perfect. Great composition and colours.

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